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PowerOut is a simple network interface for your Power Management Options

Publisher: Visionsoft Limited PowerOut Screenshot
Downloads: 4844
Software Type: Demo, 6.00
File Size: 19.29M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 17 October, 2010


PowerOut is a simple, easily used network interface for your Power Management Options, letting you control with ease and from the comfort of your desk the power settings on your networked PCs.
PowerOut lets you set Power profiles to deploy to individual or groups of PCs so you can decide what power settings you want.
You can choose to put a PC on standby or hibernate within a certain time span or at a given time of day. Alternatively you can opt to switch the PC off completely!
PowerOut can bypass device drivers that mistakenly make windows think its busy when its not and force a PC into standby or off.
When you have decided on your power profiles simply deploy them to your PCs with one click!


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