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Mobile Economist 1.5.1

"Mobile Economist" is intended to manage personal finances on PDA

Publisher: TheFrogSoft Mobile Economist Screenshot
Downloads: 4572
Software Type: Shareware, 6.99
File Size: 2.00M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 19 October, 2010


"Mobile Economist" is designed to manage personal finances on Pocket PC (a handheld device, etc.). Unlike most similar programs, "Mobile Economist" is built for your fingers, which greatly simplifies workflow. "Mobile Economist" has a minimum of necessary functions that are accessible through an intuitive, colorful interface.
The program has a number of reports of various types. You can view a report on any expence monthly (for all or any group of categories), you can compare incomes or expenses month by month, or see your financial status at the current time.
To use this program you will need a PDA or a handheld device with Windows Mobile 5 or later as operating system.
Full list of features:
Accounting for incomes
Accounting for expenses
History and editing of income
History and editing of expense
Editing categories of operations
Editing accounts
Accounting for deposits and debts
Transfer of funds between accounts
Zeroing account
Changing the balance of the account
Report on expenses for the month
Report on incomes for the month
Comparative report on expenses
Comparative report on incomes
Full report on the account
Summary for all accounts
Backup and restore
Data export
Password data protection


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