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Ideal Tools Organizer 1.0

Launch Applications instantly by creating a central repository of pointers

Publisher: Ideal Tools Organizer Screenshot
Downloads: 4240
Software Type: Shareware, 25.00
File Size: 637K
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 07 October, 2012


Ideal Tools Organizer allows you to create a central repository for pointers to tools and content on your computer. This makes it where you can launch your content instantly without having to navigate to it. Ideal Tools Organizer solves four problems:
Problem #1: Tools are scattered all over the computer
Solution #1: Central location has pointers to your tools
Problem #2: Content falls off recently used list
Solution #2: Central location retains pointers to your content until you delete the pointer
Problem #3: Programmer forgets which tools work best on each type of problem
Solution #3: Pointers to tools can be grouped into folders to help you remember which tools to work best.
Problem #4: Takes a long time to navigate to content to launch application
Solution #4: Applications launch content instantly


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5 Gold Stars Rated