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AutoMSW 4.2

Bulk Email Client for Sending Personalized Text or HTML Messages

Publisher: Beiley Software AutoMSW Screenshot
Downloads: 4536
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 554K
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 17 October, 2010


AutoMSW is an easy to use, yet powerful bulk email client. Use AutoMSW to send individual, personalized emails to your customers, contacts, or subscribers. You can send plain text or HTML messages quickly with parallel threads. You can send email using the built in SMTP server, your own ISP's SMTP server, or your MAPI email client (such as Outlook Express). It includes mail merge capabilities so you can personalize your messages. It also includes a "Verify" mode so you can validate your email addresses without actually sending a message. Global and recipient specific attachments are supported. You can schedule a mail job to run unattended at a later time, or use the command line interface to run AutoMSW unattended from a batch file. All emails are sent just as you compose them, there are no banners or ads appended to your messages. AutoMSW has built in provisions to prevent it from being used to send spam. AutoMSW comes in 3 versions: Free, Standard, or Professional.


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