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Wind Turbine 5.40

Wind Turbine is an Return on Investment Planner for Renewable Energies.

Publisher: Dynamic Applications Wind Turbine Screenshot
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Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 5.99M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 12 September, 2021


Wind Turbine is an interactive Return on Investment Planner for Renewable Energies. It brings various small Simulations based on the Dynamic Applications Platform of Business Planners.
Wind Turbine - Power Generation is focused on Physics and Electricity.
Effects of Thermodynamic Physics and Power Generation are explained via ToolTips with hand-written comments.
Wind Turbine - Return on Invest allows you to calculate Costs and Profits of any Wind Turbine, with a graphical display of Installation Cost, sum-up Total Cost of Ownership, Revenues from Power Generation through Feed-in Tariff, and Return on Invest over 25 years.
Wind Turbine is an interestic example of calculating Renewable Energy machines that allows you to verify all results and shows you Incentives as well as Risks of such an Investment by explaining all Formula in Calculation.
Let Input Parameters rise and fall over Time, and see their combined outcome.
Transparency - Automated ToolTips explaining all Formula, showing Results in live calculation.
Privacy Protection - no data gathering, no Server behind you. Just a traditional Desktop Client, all you need.
All in all, Wind Turbine is a reliable application that allows you to calculate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as Return on Investment (RoI) over 25 years.


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