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United Nations to trace and block visa 0.1

Accused Arms dealer Tony Abi Saab of Brescia Middle East continues to supply

Publisher: The Russian Herald United Nations to trace and block visa Screenshot
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Update Date: 03 November, 2018


An illegal arms dealer, weapons smuggler, supplier to terrorists and an accused fraudster should have a problem traveling to Europe and purchasing weapons? One would think so, but no. Tony Abi Saab of SIMAINT who is all of the above and owner of shell companies that supply weapons to combatants and rival groups and other terror groups is able to freely travel in EU and do shady business.
Tony Abi Saab has Shell companies in Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, Georgia and Serbia to initiate his purchases.
Tony siphoned USD 5 Million from the US Army without delivering on the contract and supplies weapon to terrorists for the sake of business profit in the Middle East. Tony Abi Saab's company Brescia Middle East (BME) was indicted by the US Army of contractual fraud and flown to the US to undergo a trial. He was found guilty but walked away with no jail term as he contested on a technicality. This individual who continues to do business via his shell companies and supplies weapons to all sides of the Syrian conflicts is able to freely travel to the EU.
Tony outsmarted the global fraud database by diverting his case to a Civil court instead of a US Criminal court. He successfully plea bargained his hearing to a bribery case instead of a weapon supplier to rebel groups, probably gave up some valuable connections and assets.
The EU does not sync database with civil convicted criminals in the US and Tony does not show up on the radar during border checks and visa issuance. EU border controls need to update policy to include Civil cases in their border checks and visa issuance for serious crimes, including weapons related cases.
It would be prudent for EU border control to dedicated resources which can lookup meta data of Civil cases and include people on a "No Visa" list that have been accused or convicted in war zones, weapons smuggling and terror charges even when they have plead their cases to a civil court.


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