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Toguz Kumalak Master 1.0.8

Play Toguz Kumalak against a computer opponent

Publisher: Yernar Shambayev Toguz Kumalak Master Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 1.00
File Size: 18.47M
OS: Android
Update Date: 15 October, 2017


Play Togyz Kumalak against a computer opponent. Set the level from the beginner to expert and get hints on how to win!
Other features:
- analysis of a position;
- openings book;
- games database;
- hall of fame, etc.
Toguz Kumalak (or nine pebbles) is the Kazakh name of a mancala game also known as Toguz Korgool in Kyrgyz.
Toguz Kumalak is played on a board, which consists of two rows of nine holes. Between these rows are two parallel furrows called kazan in the middle of the board to store the captures.
The winner is the player who, at the end of the game, has captured more balls in their kazan. When both players have 81 balls, the game is a draw.


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