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SpyKing Keylogger 5.72

SpyKing Keylogger logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, emails, web sites and more.

Publisher: SpySoftwareKing SpyKing Keylogger Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 49.99
File Size: 3.28M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 29 March, 2018


SpyKing Keylogger is a comprehensive and invisible remote monitoring software with screenshot capability, keylogger, activity log and more. It secretly logs all keystrokes, Skype chats & IMs, Facebook use, emails, website visits, passwords, applications, clipboard and more. It also takes screenshots like a surveillance camera aiming at the computer. The Keylogger included in the spy software undetectably records all the keyboard inputs on the user's computer, so that you know precisely what has been typed into a Word document, an email, a website, a password, etc. It is completely invisible to monitored users. You can view logs on the monitored PC directly, or receive reports remotely via email or ftp as often as you wish. Check these reports on another PC or cell phone. Perfect for monitoring and protecting your children, catching a cheating spouse or monitoring employees. Monitor your PC's activity while you are away from home, checking that your children are not doing anything unacceptable on the Internet, or monitoring the activity of your employees who have got into the habit of spending more of their time on the Internet than actually working. Know exactly what websites are being visited, what programs are being used, what is being typed on the keyboard?With SpyKing Keylogger, you will be able to do all these things, but also spy on a remote computer, and view user activity on the PC. These features may be adapted to hack a social network account (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) an email account (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) or a remote account such as a Youtube account, simply by looking at the records of the integrated Keylogger: as soon as the software is set up, it will continuously send the recorded data, which you will be able to view in one click from your Control interface. All this will be done remotely and very simply, in a way which will be completely invisible for the PC you are spying on.


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5 Gold Stars Rated