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Solbot Energy Rush For Android 1.0

Solbot Energy Rush is a casual and fun mobile game for all ages.

Publisher: Freakout Games Solbot Energy Rush For Android Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 35.78M
OS: Android
Update Date: 31 July, 2018


"Solbot Energy Rush" is a casual and one tap control system mobile game for all age groups. Play as a Color Switching flying Robot whose suit color changes every level and Player has to collect the same matching colored orbs.
The concept of the game is simple, you are a robot (Solbot) flying through space while a steady stream of colored energy orbs scrolls down towards you, and you attempt to collect the orbs of a chosen color, based on the color of your suit. To make things easier the orbs which need to be collected has golden ring around it. Collect the wrong colored orb and its game over.
-> One touch control
-> Robot color changes with each level
-> 50 Unique and challenging levels
-> Multiple fun power ups
-> Challenging casual game for all age group
-> Free and easy to play
How to Play:
-> Tap on left OR Tap on right to move robot
-> Collect colorful orbs matching with robot
-> Key to victory is timing and precision of movement
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