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Reason Core Security

Reason Core Security - takes care of your privacy like noone else

Publisher: Reason Software Reason Core Security Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Demo, 49.95
File Size: 8.42M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 19 March, 2018


Reason Core Security is a great choice for anyone looking for straight-up malware detection and prevention. Using a combination of behavior analysis with the latest in scanning technology and a user-friendly dashboard, both skilled and unskilled users alike can easily keep their digital data secure. It's also ideal for small businesses looking to keep their highly sensitive data secure without investing much time or effort.
The program is easy to install, it runs quickly and silently and it is ad-free. The interface is user-friendly and easy-to-use. Reason Core Security is a decent second opinion scanner that won't disturb your work while providing real-time protection. It runs smoothly alongside any other Anti Virus software that might be already installed on your PC without slowing the system down.
Key benefits
Removes malware, adware, crapware, PUPs and more
All of the programs mentioned above can be referred to as PUPs or Potentially Unwanted Programs. They might not necessarily be malicious and aim to harm you, but can interrupt your online work by showing constant ads, appear as pop-ups and be incredibly annoying. Reason Core Security detects these kinds of infections and removes them for good, which can substantially improve user's online experience and revive a computer which was slowed down by PUPs.
IoT device scanning
Devices around us are becoming smarter, and so does malware. Just think about smartwatches, smart TVs, game consoles and all other devices connected to your home or work network. All of them are at risk of being infected by malware. Reason Core Security IoT scanner will maintain your network clean and malware-free.
Blocks bundleware
A very nice feature that Reason Core Security is also providing to its users is bundleware blocker. If you wonder what bundleware is, then imagine discovering programs on your computer that you never willingly installed or agreed to install. Happened to you? Well, this is exactly what bundleware is. While


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