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openElement 1.57.9

Powerful and intuitive web authoring software for creative professionals.

Publisher: BOOMBYTE LTD openElement Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 60.88M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 23 June, 2017


openElement is a complete web authoring solution for creative professionals.
openElement is available free, with no ads or restrictions, so you can take full advantage of its powerful features.
More Productive:
openElement was created by web professionals, for web professionals. When producing websites for clients, it's important to offer value (quality over cost). openElement lets you create a high quality web project in a time-efficient manner by streamlining repetitive tasks, structuring content efficiently, and optimizing your workflow. Time saved is money earned and openElement allows you to turn over more projects in less time. You win, and your clients win.
openElement's intuitive interface allows you to work visually and efficiently. Build reusable layouts for your websites using our inherited layers & styles system.
Functional & Dynamic:
openElement has a vast library of well-coded, optimized, and versatile elements. Use them to style and customize standard content like text, images, and videos, as well as interactive content like contact forms, maps, and photo galleries. Incorporate dynamic database content like login pages, news/blog items, product pages, and more. You can even add custom scripts and code as needed.
openElement is modular, as well. You can create your very own elements by using the Element Creation Tool. If you think others could benefit from the element you created, submit it to the store!
As soon as you publish or export your project, openElement will generate all the necessary files. The code produced is 100% W3C-compliant and compatible with all browsers and devices.
The software automatically keeps your project up to date with the latest web standards. And with openElement's SEO tools, your website will be easily found online.
Join our community of like-minded web professionals. Ask questions and share your experience on our active forum or social media.


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