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Nexo 4.0

software to find doublets of addresses providing plenty of functions

Publisher: Vordruckverlag Weise GmbH Nexo Screenshot
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Software Type: Shareware, 133.00
File Size: 31.92M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 24 April, 2013


Nexo it is a capable, efficient, solid program equipped with plenty of additional to analyze, maintain and optimize your address data pool. Focus of software is to find doublets. Further it enables you to optimize preparations of your address data to run advertisements. By using Nexo you save your money on emailing, but you also improve your image and purposefully acquire new customers.
Features and characteristics:
- ease to use
- best safety of original data
- analysis of data pool
- easy and augmented search of doublets
- automatic purge of identical addresses
- customized settings of fault tolerance
- combination of search processes
- data accumulation and data merging
- postage optimization
- data matching
- first name analysis
- title analysis
- generation of individual salutation
- search and replace
- data extraction
- possibility to edit core data
- database field separation and merging
- statistic chart
- data export
Nexo enables you to customize doublet search to your data pool. Either you use simple search or you customize search by joining different search processes or by changing fault tolerance. To search for doublets follow these steps:
- select database fields (columns) and set search options
- purge double data sets
- save data back to database
By postage optimization you are able to save money. Reduction of postage is applicable to abatements depending on paper size, letter size, weight, content, conduction area and posting conditions (container, order) of your postings. Result of optimization is a data table. Furthermore you are able to call an overview of distribution of conduction areas.


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