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Muhammadu Buhari ATR 1.0

Muhammadu Buhari African Transparency Report

Publisher: African Transparency Report Muhammadu Buhari ATR Screenshot
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Update Date: 26 October, 2018


ATR (African Transparency Report) holds has been holding an annual award for a political leader that is forward thinking or breaks the chains of corruption in the name of democracy and rule of law. ATR over the past 55 years has been giving the awards to new entrants and focusing on liberal left candidates who lean towards the "Green" agenda.
ATR believes that Africa should internally focus on infrastructure, job and stability and lead the way for environment consciousness. If Africa can create a self sustained economy it could represent over 20% of the Global GDP and exports would ensure that it can enjoy a voice on the International stage. ATR also noted that several internal conflicts and lack of democratic roots is also the cause for Africa's under performance.
ATR for the first time has awarded the title to a leader of the country. This year ATR gave the title to Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress, Nigeria. In a detailed statement by ATR, they explained that Muhammadu Buhari has opened the nation to a free and fair election due on February 2019. He also created an independent electoral committee to oversee the elections.
ATR publishes annual reports on the state of Africa and is available for sale for USD 4,999 via special order from their website. A discount of 20% is available for academic institutions and pre-orders.
About ATR:
ATR is a global peace initiative funded to enhance the reach and scope of democracy in Africa. Since its founding in 1963 in Germany, it has been working with several global Non Governmental organisation to fund development and grass root initiates across the continent. Funding of ATR is done via public means and all records are available on its website for free analysis.


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