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MPG: Multiple Pages Generator by Porthas 1.0.2

Create multiple pages from a single page template.

Publisher: SALVAGEDATA MPG: Multiple Pages Generator by Porthas Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 4.99
File Size: 889K
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 27 April, 2019


Create multiple pages from a single page template and CSV file within a matter of minutes. Excellent tool to generate thousands of landing pages with dynamic content.
Step 1. Upload CSV with URLs of the pages you want to generate, along with any related data.
Step 2. Set any existing page as a predefined template or create new one.
Step 3. Add the shortcodes from your CSV file column headers such as {{mpg_HEADERNAME}}.
Upon loading a predefined in CSV file URL, MPG will replace all URL data on entire page, as well as replace shortcodes with data from CSV in page title, meta description, meta keywords, and the entire page body.
CASE USES. Generate pages for each service partner. Generate pages for each client. Generate pages for each office location. Generate marketing landing pages for every city. Generate translations for each website page. Any many more!
- {{mpg_HEADERNAME}} will pull data for the CSV cell with matching Column header and URL row.
- [mpg where=”mpg_HEADERNAME1=VALUE1,mpg_HEADERNAME2=VALUE2″]{{mpg_HEADERNAME1}} {{mpg_HEADERNAME2}}[/mpg] - typically used on pages to dynamically list all matching results from CSV file, specified by “where” argument. The VALUE1 and VALUE2 have to be exact strings. Let's say you have a CSV file for every city in state of NY and you wish to return only the city URLs from Albany county. The you would use something like this: [mpg where=”mpg_state=NY,mpg_county=Albany”]{{mpg_cityname}}
- [mpg group=”mpg_HEADERNAME1″]{{mpg_HEADERNAME1}}[/mpg] - returns a list of unique values, removing any duplicates. For example, if you wish to return a list of all non-duplicate counties in the state of New York, you would use something like this [mpg group=”mpg_state”]{{mpg_county}}[/mpg]. It will only return data for the first match and ignore all consecutive duplicates.


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