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Money Blog PRO 0.1

Put Moneymaking Adsense And Amazon Ads On Your WordPress Blogs

Publisher: Logicfish Solutions Money Blog PRO Screenshot
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Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 1.40M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 09 November, 2016


Here's How You Can Put Moneymaking Adsense And Amazon Ads On Your WordPress Blogs, Automatically!
You may already know that the easiest way to monetize a blog is to simply add Adsense and Amazon ad units to the blog.
You get paid for your visitors, while the ads are served up by Google and Amazon - without any ongoing effort from you.
It's quite easy to set up a blog and post content to it, but most people struggle with the technical aspects of adding ad units to their blogs.
That's where our Money Blog Pro software comes in, by creating a special WordPress plugin that will add Adsense and Amazon ads to your blogs, automatically...
Simply enter your Adsense and Amazon IDs to activate ads for all three (you can omit any of the IDs if you don't want to use those ads).
Adsense ads are automatically added to the top and bottom of the first post shown on any page of your blog. So on your home page, ads will appear above and below the top post on the page. On pages showing a single post, ads will appear above and below the post.
You can choose the size of the Adsense ads to suit your blog. The standard ones are a full sized (336x280) unit at the top and a banner sized (468x60) unit at the bottom - but you can select any other size you want using the drop-down controls.
You can also use an Adsense "widget", to show additional Adsense ads down the side of your blog. Don't worry if you don't know what a "widget" is. There's a full explanation included with the software.
The Amazon ads are also shown in a "widget", showing the ads down the side of your blog. You can specify the Amazon category (usually "books", but you can choose any category you want) and the search term.
You can choose the colors for the ad units, using a standard Windows color selector.
Once you have entered all your details, just click the "Create" button and the software will create a WordPress plugin.


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