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MacOS Multiple SMS Messaging Software

Mac OS machine supports send bulk SMS without internet at international location

Publisher: MacOS Multiple SMS Messaging Software Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 45.00
File Size: 8.33M
OS: Mac OS
Update Date: 01 August, 2022


Software supports all versions of Mac machine for transmit the Bulk SMS from one location to another location. Software allows job alerts, notifications, reminder, special offer, group messages and much more. Mac SMS software allows exclude list of contact numbers into the existing list during messages sending. Multiple mobile devices can connect simultaneously to send the messages. Software mainly use in SMS marketing process to send messages in bulk for marketing purpose in business. Non-English supports in SMS software and skip the duplicate contact numbers by enable that corresponding options. Software provides a way to do group communication at National as well as for international via messages without the internet connection. List of contact numbers can load from the phonebook in Mac Bulk SMS software.
Steps to download Mac OS Bulk SMS Sending Application:
Step1: Download the software: Download and install the Bulk SMS Mac software into the PC or laptop.
Step2: Connect device with laptop:
*Install the specific driver corresponding to the mobile device from the official websites.
*Connect mobile device with USB cable from computer and enable the option of USB debugging mode of mobile device.
*Software supports multiple types of mobile phones like GSM, Android and Windows based phones.
*Software also shows the status of currently active mobile device for messaging.
Add Messages and Numbers:
*Import the contact numbers from mobile’s phonebook in bulk or adds multiple numbers by load the file in software.
*Add bulk message content with the help of excel file and file load from the computer storage.
Step3: General options for created message:
*Edit or update messages before send.
*Software helps to execute time delay for message transmission for every SMS with particular time period.
*Created messages can be exclude from the list of groups in software.
Step4: Send message: Software sends bulk messages in one click of send button.


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