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MacOS Business Text Messaging App

Apple Bulk SMS Messaging Tool sends professional messages to multiple recipients

Publisher: MacOS Business Text Messaging App Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 69.00
File Size: 8.33M
OS: Mac OS
Update Date: 01 August, 2022


Wizard options show the attachment of connected device details. Import of contact numbers software import excel files, text files, also support copy paste manual data. Including update selected messages to send the urgent notification and get update for future reference. With Mac bulk text messaging tool make your business communication easier. Message composer feature composed your text-message in different languages using Unicode character.
Some salient steps for sending bulk SMS with your computer to mobile:
Steps-1 Download and install Mac bulk text messaging software
Steps-2 Firstly connected your mobile device using android and GSM technology. In connecting device list user need to enter exact SMS service center number (SMCS) setting default SMSCS or custom SMSCS.
Steps-3 Select your device list to sending Bulk SMS include SMS sending modes: PDU Mode or Text Mode.
Steps-4 Click Text SMS settings option, you can send your messages by selected device or can add phone number from contact list.
Steps-5 SMS Broadcasting bulk SMS software generate two ways for sending message notification or standard SMS
Steps-6 Mac Bulk SMS Software provides import composed feature to send single or personalized SMS to every contacts through excel sheet.
Steps-7 Using wizard feature user can update the selected message and see the connected com port details at same time.
Key points:
*User can create and send personalized text messaging to every recipient.
*Bulk SMS software facilitates user to skip the duplicate number.
*Enter your contact number manually or can load from list of contacts.
*Wizard shows option search connected device again, use selected device to send SMS, Continue without device connection.


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