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Boring Log & Soil Testing Software 4.0

NovoLAB is designed for borehole log drafting and soil lab testing software

Publisher: Novo Tech Software Ltd. Boring Log & Soil Testing Software Screenshot
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Software Type: Shareware, 850.00
File Size: 34.24M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 15 September, 2020


NovoLAB is designed for geotechnical lab test processing and borehole log drafting. It covers various drilling methods, sample types and several other features. Click on the above tabs to view more details.
Lab. Tests:
-Sieve Analysis (gradation) Test and Soil Classification (USCS, AASHTO)
-Atterberg Limits Test
-Moisture and Density Test / Field Density Test
-Direct Shear Test
-Triaxial Compression Test
-Unconfined Compression Test
-Hydraulic Conductivity Test (falling head, constant head)
-Compaction Test
-1D Consolidation Test
Borehole Log Drafting:
NovoLAB log drafting module is fully automatic. Here are the steps to create a boring log with NovoLAB:
-Enter laboratory tests data
-Enter soil layers for each borehole
-Click on ‘Borehole Log' button!
The software will automatically search for the results of all tests conducted on each sample, and inserts the test results in the borehole log. User can specify the data columns to be shown on the log.
NovoLAB provides various reports including but not limited to:
-Laboratory Test Reports: each laboratory test has its own report.
-Borehole Locations Plan on Google Earth: Once you specify UTM coordinates of the boreholes, NovoLAB locates them on Google Earth
-Tests Summary Report: provides a summary of all laboratory test in the current project
-Boreholes Report: provides a summary of all boreholes in the current project
-Samples Report: provides a summary of all samples in the current project
-Sample Identification: provides list of all test results associated to a sample
-Projects Report: provides list of all projects in NovoLAB database


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