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iTop Easy Desktop

iTop Easy Desktop is a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop manager.

Publisher: iTop Inc iTop Easy Desktop Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 20.27M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 16 January, 2023


iTop Easy Desktop is a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop manager to organize your desktop icons, files, and folders according to your rules, freeing you from laboriously sorting desktop icons. It delivers various practical features including but not limited to protecting your files with passwords, grouping desktop items, awakening search directly, and quickly accessing icons and files even on multiple desktop pages.
Uncluttered Desktop
If you're not a person who always laboriously organizes your Windows desktop icons by sorting them and adding them to specific folders, you can't miss iTop Easy Desktop. iTop Easy Desktop can automatically group those items on your desktop into boxes according to the rules you create. Besides, it can give you a clean desktop easily by double-clicking on your desktop to hide all boxes.
Protected Files
Worried about unauthorized access to your files? Create a private box with iTop Easy Desktop and put the files into Private Box. Then those files can be well protected with a password.
Personalized Desktop
Bored of ordinary Windows desktops? With iTop Easy Desktop, you can unique the desktop. It is your call to decide the colors and fonts of the boxes, and adjust the transparency. Want a different desktop? Do changes now.
What's New:
+ More flexible icon management, including Drag & Drop, Order by, and Cut.
+ Better display of icons on different resolutions and DPIs, including 4K.
+ Improved Private Box to protect and unlock important files more easily.
+ Added an option in Settings to show/hide arrows on shortcut icons.
+ Fixed the issue that Folder Portal can't lead to Google Drive.
+ Fixed the bug that Boxes fail to roll up automatically when close to the bottom of screens.


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