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JavaScript Data Matrix Generator 19.11

JavaScript GS1 Data Matrix ECC200 Barcode Generator

Publisher:, Inc. JavaScript Data Matrix Generator Screenshot
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Software Type: Demo, 590.00
File Size: 191K
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 29 January, 2022


The Data Matrix JavaScript Barcode Generator embeds directly into a JavaScript-enabled environment or web page to display static or dynamic data in GS1 Data Matrix and ECC200 barcode image formats. A Single native JavaScript file may be used to generate barcode images in a variety of formats including SVG and HTML 5. Other features include:
-Supports standards and specifications based on the Data Matrix barcode symbology.
-May be used with JQuery, and supports optional HTML Element ID references.
-Supports image types for SVG, HTML 5 Canvas, BMP and Font Image.
-Includes advanced support for ASCII functions, GS1, ISBT and HIBC with tilde options.
-Compressed and uncompressed source code provided.
The JavaScript Barcode Generator is available in several versions and license types to meet any usage scenario. This is the Data Matrix version which supports standards based on the Data Matrix symbology. Other versions support invididual barcode types for Intelligent Mail, USPS, UPC/EAN, DataBar, PDF417, Code 128 and QR Code, as well as versions that support all linear barcode types, and all linear and 2D barcode types. Each version is available in license options for single or multiple developers with distribution rights that vary.


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