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epuBear 2.0.0

epuBear - an easily customizable cross-platform EPUB SDK

Publisher: Scand Ltd. epuBear Screenshot
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Software Type: Demo, 699.00
File Size: 241K
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 14 September, 2021


epuBear SDK is a C++ solution for EPUB readers development created by SCAND mobile app developers. It is fully compatibility with EPUB2 and partially with EPUB3. Open, unpack and parse EPUB documents from file or memory (byte array), get EPUB document info, render pages to bitmaps and more with this lightweight and easily customizable cross-platform SDK.
We prepared native wrappers in Java (Android), Swift (iOS), C# (Xamarin) and React Native for our toolkit to be compatible with your project. The code of the wrappers acts as a proxy between the native code and the core.
Cross-platform close Core of epuBear SDK provides the following functions
Go to Page
Go to Chapter
Open Link
Change Font Size
Switch to DoublePage Mode
Switch to Night Mode
Text Search
Select Text
Change Text Color
Change Background Color
Audio and Video Support
Set Custom Fonts
Open Image in a Separate Window
Vertical and Right-to-Left Writing
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