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Email and Phone Extractor Files

Email & phone extractor files mines contact details in bulk

Publisher: Technocom Solutions Email and Phone Extractor Files Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 69.00
File Size: 20.83M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 18 January, 2018


Email & phone extractor files is a small utility capable of accomplishing great feats. It can help you in assimilating all the contact details scattered across your PC at one place in order to get a list that can be a boon for marketing purposes & maintaining touch with people who got in touch with you at one point or the other. Instead of reading through all the files & collecting these details laboriously, you can simply use this tool to ease your trouble.
You simply have to throw in the files or folders that you intend to excavate the data from. Then you just need to give it the command to push it in to action at a lightning fast pace. Phone numbers, fax numbers, mobile numbers & email ids are taken out & put on a log table & delivered in readily usable .TXT or .CSV format. The best part is that it has got inbuilt filters that ensure that email ids are not duplicated & that instead of contact numbers, other numeric values are not erroneously copied. You can also put in personal filters of your own if you want email ids of a particular kind only to be extracted or if you want that only numbers starting with or ending with particular digits get extracted.
The best part of this software is that not only is it potent to handle all file formats like .TXT, .RTF, .PPT, .PPTX, .DOC, .DOCX, .XLS, .XLSX, etc. it is also compatible with all popular versions of Windows. Most importantly, it is an easy to use software that combines the might of phone number extractor & email extractor both.
Key features-
1. Email & phone extractor files extracts Phone numbers & Email ids from files of your system PC or network.
2. Has the ability to distinguish between normal digits & phone/mobile/fax numbers giving desired output.
3. Email ids are extracted without any duplicity.
4. Entire folders or just files can be excavated.
5. Supports extraction from all popular file formats like .DOC, .DOCX, .PPT, .PPTX, .XLS, .XLSX .PDF, .RTF, .TXT etc.


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