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Egyptian Treasure Hunt 1.0

Egyptian Treasure Hunt Players Retrieving Gold And Gems

Publisher: Fidget Spinner Empire Egyptian Treasure Hunt Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 1K
OS: Android
Update Date: 01 July, 2017


Egyptian Treasure Hunt
Players attempt to reclaim their place as the Egyptian Treasure Hunt by retrieving gold and gems from a series of single-player challenges and player-vs.-player battles.
Breaking into an opponent's dungeon (whether human or AI) requires you to use keys, which replenish in your collection over time. From there, you'll have to jump (by tapping the screen) and bounce off walls as you avoid obstacles before taking the treasure.
Simultaneously, you'll build your own dungeon in hopes of repelling other thieves, upgrading defenses, and adding false locks to your door (to get players to waste their keys).
As you acquire more treasure, you face more challenging quests and can eventually join a guild, where friends can retrieve your stolen gems for you if you're not around.
Players who indicate that they're over 13 on the opening screen can chat with guild members, while those who choose "1-12" as their age can't access chat.
Play through over 90 levels to explore new lands and unlock new secret characters
* 90% of players were UNABLE to pass Level 5
* 95% of player were GIVEN UP at Level 17
- Over 90 levels
- Many lands with different nature, background and sound tracks.
- Survive from a ton of traps
- Crazy hard
- Secret characters


100% Clean Certified

5 Gold Stars Rated