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Domain Researcher 1.0

software to generate domain names and check if available for registration

Publisher: Domain Researcher Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 99.00
File Size: 12.72M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 27 March, 2017


Good business starts with a cool domain name. After you come up with an idea for your website name, you head to a domain registrar to check if it is available for registration. It is very likely that the domain name has already been registered. In such case, you may have to use a next-best name,for example,,,etc, or append a random letter to the best name, if you want a short domain name. The problem is that you have to type these names and search them manually, which is time-consuming and boring. You need a domain name generator that can generate names according to a pattern or a scheme. Domain Researcher(DR) is such a domain name maker with many generation methods. For example, you can use the "Limited Regular Expression" method and specify a regex: storename.\.com. After clicking the "generate" button, Domain Researcher will generate all .com names that are the combination of the word "storename" and a random character(digit or letter) in a blink. As a domain name suggestion tool, Domain Researcher provides many options for you to get good domain name ideas. As a domain name helper, Domain Researcher can also check the availability of the generated domain names.


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