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CopyPlus 2.02.38

Now you can copy as often as you like and paste all your clips at the same time.

Publisher: M8 Software (UK) CopyPlus Screenshot
Downloads: 2452
Software Type: Freeware, 0.00
File Size: 2.56M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 13 April, 2019


OK, so you want to browse the web and copy lots of stuff to paste into your notes or project or research or whatever. The problem is that every time you copy something, you have to restore your word processor and paste it in. Browser - copy - word processor - paste - over and over. Not with CopyPlus running. Just keep copying everything you want. CopyPlus will save everything you copy and keep a tally of how many clips you have in the task bar. When you are ready to paste, just click on the Copy Plus icon, select the spacing you want between clips and click paste. All your clips are pasted in at the same time. Before pasting, you can opt to paste the fully formatted clips (Fonts, colors and graphics) or to strip out the plain text only.


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