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Bible Underground

Explore the Bible. Videos. Daily Readings. Search Tool. Easy for everyone.

Publisher: Breakthrough Version Publishing Bible Underground Screenshot
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File Size: 2.91M
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 03 August, 2018


If you have always wanted to learn about the greatest book on Earth, this app makes it easy for you, even if you are not religious. In the privacy of your home you can explore the message and meaning of this great book on your own.
Free Bible App.
Daily Readings.
A New Bible Version that is more accurate to the original Greek text in words everyone knows and understands.
Search Tool.
Easy for Everyone.
The author of this app is a Bible translator and Bible scholar who has observed how traditional Bible teaching actually hides the true meaning of the Bible and makes it harder to understand, all the while giving the student a false sense of knowledge. This app corrects that and reveals the many solutions to life that God's Message has.


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