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Batch File Renamer 2.4

Batch Files Renamer is many files rename software for Windows for rename files.

Publisher: AlgoLogic IT Solutions Batch File Renamer Screenshot
Downloads: 1
Software Type: Shareware, 29.00
File Size: 535K
OS: Windows All
Update Date: 03 September, 2020


Batch Files Renamer is many files rename software for Windows. It rename many files with lots of file rename options in single process. Batch Files Renamer software with Preview and Undo options, real-time preview of rename files to avoid mistakes before finally rename and undo options available to rollback action immediately if you do not want to rename files. Batch Files Renamer can remove, insert (add) and replace text in file name, file extensions can be UPPERCASE, lowercase or sentence case, many files name can be indexed ie. (file-name1.jpg, file-name2.jpg), replace any character, text, numeric digits from file-name and other lots of file rename options in single mouse click.
Batch Files Renamer software is one of the best files renamer for Windows to rename any file and process thousand of files in single process. Batch Files Renamer free software download for Windows.
Key Features...
Batch File Renamer software have real time preview to avoid any mistake while rename thousand of files.
Add and change file extension of file in single click using Batch File Renamer.
Batch File Renamer software with lots of file renaming options.
Batch file Renamer software can undo rename operations on files.
Useful software for rename thousand of mp3 and image files.
Replace, remove, insert or change case any string in filename.
Rename file in Upper case, Lower case and Proper Case.
Rename file with numerical increment and decrement counter of files.
Remove spaces and characters from file name.
Real time saver for you required to apply more than one complex renaming rules to rename files.
Batch File Renamer is available for free to try.


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